Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

Make Better Decisions

Your organisation’s future relies on your employees being able to understand a situation from multiple perspectives so the best decisions can be made. This is critical thinking.

Employees who can think critically:

  • Solve problems
  • Are more creative
  • Are better at planning
  • Think strategically

The Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is an online asssessment designed to help you measure critical thinking skills in employees and job candidates. It is backed by over 80 years of research. more >>

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

Find Future Leaders

Developed in 1925, today the Watson-Glaser is the premier tool for evaluating the cognitive ability of professionals.

Nothing is more important than how employees question, analyse and make decisions under pressure.

Using the Watson-Glaser in your organisation can help you identify future leaders by determining whether candidates and current employees have the cognitive skills needed for specific occupations and job levels.

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

RED Model of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is organised into an easy-to-interpret 3-factor "RED" model:

  • Recognise Assumptions: Recognising assumptions in ideas, statements, and strategies
  • Evaluate Arguments: Evaluating the merit of arguments or information that is presented
  • Draw Conclusions: Drawing appropriate conclusions based on the evidence available; Brings together Inference, Deduction and Interpretation subtests
Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

Sample Reports

3 Reports Let You Apply the Results in Many Ways

Profile Report:
See the score and some predictive behaviours

Interview Report:
Conduct a critical thinking behavioural interview

Development Report:
Build a custom learning & development plan to enhance an individual’s skills

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

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